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About Us

At Tomahawk Group, we manage all fintech focused investments of GB & Partners Investment Management Ltd. Primarily, we are looking for companies with significant growth potential whose services have already been validated by the market and are confident in becoming the next key players of the CEE region in the mid-term.
Tomahawk is committed to providing professional operative support, business development strategies and an active business network for its investments to further support their expansion.

Zoltán Illés - CEO

A visionary business leader known for improving managerial, operational, commercial and digital capacities of companies through innovation and transformation.

„I am passionate about reaching across hierarchical and organisational boundaries to motivate the team and share an inspiring vision for the organisation. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, I am certain that we will stretch our capabilities and push boundaries within the industry.”




Industry: IT services (FinTech)
Year of investment: 2020

DiPocket is a pre-paid tech B2B2C provider offering turnkey white labelled payments solutions ranging from financial apps for loyalty and customer acquisition, to physical and virtual gift cards, to cards for disbursements (e.g. loans, gig economy, employee benefits) to wearables for cashless events. A principal member of Mastercard®, DiPocket offers tokenizable cards in most European currencies.

Dataxo Group

Industry: IT services, digital invoice processing
Year of investment: 2022

Automated, digital solutions for processing documents, invoices and financial receipts. Invoicing integrated into a custom-made system.

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Tomahawk Holding Ltd is a company of EXIM Cross-border Fund managed by GB & Partners Investment Management.